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March 22 2011

Heroic/dramatic music exercise.
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March 20 2011

Walking the troll - video game theme (mood: comedy). No ending, it's meant to be looped.
Belfry - video game theme (mood: mystery, a slight touch of comedy).
Cemetery - video game theme (mood: comedy). No ending, it's meant to be looped.

November 04 2010

My old piece I composed and recorded a few years ago :) Not the best quality, but enjoy anyway. Programming, guitar and vox - LeafOfSteel (me).

November 03 2010

1350 549e 500
Isn't that sweet? :3
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The hedgehog looks somewhat grumpy XD
So, I created account on Soup. Well... I'll probably be sorry later, or simply forget about it. But i like the fact that I can post my creations of every form :) So, beware.
There is some "leafofosteel" here, so I could not use my usual nickname :/ Heeeey, I used the nickname first! There is only one LeafOfSteel and it is me :D At least only one so bold to actually claim that there is and can be only one :)
Big kiss for Edzik for (unintentionally) letting me know about Soup.
So... well. I'm gonna use this to post some of my new work. Probably pictures, photos of jewellery, sometimes some piece of music that popped out of my bubbly dome for a head. :)
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